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Emmy Designs was started by me (Emmy) when my sister got married a few years ago. As maid of honour (and twin!) to the bride, it was my job to help take some of the pressure off and help her to plan the big day. I was in my element! As a trained photographer and with many weddings in my portfolio, I had an idea of what made a successful wedding day. Of course I didn’t want to photograph the wedding and miss out on bridesmaid duties, but I wanted to help out in any other way possible! One of the last things to arrange was the wedding stationery, which we found really difficult! Nothing was quite her and just didn’t fit the style of the day. Every where we looked was saw the same old traditional invitations wrapped in frills and ribbon!


Having qualifications in graphic design and an eye for anything wedding, I decided to have a go myself. We had an idea of what we wanted which was a vintage ticket to match her wedding colours and 1930’s theme. I even invested in a vintage letterpress machine!
Everybody loved the ticket invites, we had so much positive feedback from them. I decided that stationery should be something that I could do on the side of my photography! A few years down the line, my stationery has become so popular I decided that this was what I wanted to do full time. My style has definitely changed since starting out and I’ve found my niche which is the hand drawn designs. I’d describe my style as a modern take on a vintage feel but then I think my style changes, as do wedding trends. I find myself addicted to Pinterest which is where I get my inspiration from. I absolutely LOVE custom requests and get excited with every new order as this is my passion. I still can’t believe I get to do it every day! 🙂


A lot of people ask where the name ‘Emmy Designs’ came from. My mum grew up with her Aunt Emmy, and named me after her even though I’m an Emma. Unfortunately, I never had the pleasure to meet her but my whole family calls me Emmy anyway! I heard a lot of stories about her and my final photography course work and exhibition was a project called ‘Emmy’. I have a lot of her old photographs and diary entries and I can see why she was so loved!




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