Emmy Designs | When should you send out your invites?
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When should you send out your invites?

A lot of people ask me when they should send out their wedding invites, so I have put together a guide to help! You don’t have to stick to this but hopefully it will give you a rough idea! I always suggest not leaving your on the day wedding stationery too late otherwise you’ll be stressing if you leave it too close to the big day! ¬†Remember that once you have placed your order with me and finalised the design, printing and finishing can take up to two weeks for any items. This is because I outsource my printing to a printing company to ensure you get the very best quality possible. When customers have left their stationery a bit too late, they always ask if I can rush it through quicker, (and I would if I could) but when relying on other companies it’s not always possible!¬†



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